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    Chiropractor use advanced tests to diagnose misalignments associated with Spine & joints it includes diagnosis, tailored treatments, and optimal patient care.
    Specialized techniques employed by Chiropractor to restore proper alignment, alleviate pain, and enhance overall spinal health.
    Spine specialist employ targeted interventions for prompt pain reduction, enabling patients to find immediate relief and regain functionality like Advanced Dry needling, Cupping, myofascial release, adjustment & body alignment.
    Chiropractor & Spine specialists prioritize ongoing care, emphasizing preventive measures and holistic approaches to promote long-term spine health and overall well-being. Learn tips under experience hand and it will help in preventing future spine & joint related issues.

    India's leading super-speciality back &
    neck clinic for diagnosis & treatment of spine problems


    About Us

    Our spine doctors at Back In motion are dedicated to chiropractic solutions to target your unique needs, whether you are suffering from lower back pain, upper back pain, cervical neck pain, headaches, or even just plain old muscular tightness and tension.

    We consider spine as a whole one unit. So, any misalignment either at neck, middle back, lower back or pelvis will be adjusted. The goal is to bring the bones of a joint back to their normal, natural fit. It may take just one adjustment to achieve this aim (so that the adjustment β€œsticks,”) or it may take several.

    Conditions We Treat

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    Akshay Singhal Akshay Singhal

    Place is easy to find on gmaps also it can seen on road , they have good sitting arrangement , doctor is nice , he dignosed the problem properly , took some extra time for my queries for my back and neck pain.

    Priya Dash Priya Dash

    Lot of dizziness spells & cervical pain becz of sedentary lifestyle & corporate life. These sessions at back in motion really helped me in healing better. My neck feels stronger less episodes of pain. Dizziness is better but little linked with ear also as diagnosed by doctor also. So far happy

    Km. Deeksha Km. Deeksha

    Came here for my back. i started with physiotherapy for 5 months but no relief someone recommended me back in motion. did adjustment, vaccum cupping and Myofacial release on me, Getting better with this. They also recommended dry needling but I am Scared of needling So far good experience & feeling better

    Bhoomika Constructions Bhoomika Constructions

    I reached them with Leg pain, on diagnosis they found out my sciatic nerve is over sensitive thats called sciatica. Did some adjustments, Dry needling & taught me how to activate right muscles Great relief πŸ‘

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